King's Hill

Jim & Marilynn Dammon
W. Lafayette, Indiana
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King's Hill Stable is located on 100 acres six miles north of State Street in West Lafayette, IN.  


  • Main barn 108 x 252
  • 36 stalls in two sizes, 10x12 and 20x12
  • 12 foot wide asphalt aisles with cross ties and saddle racks.
  • Indoor large regulation rubber/sand mix dressage ring
  • Outdoor regulation large sand based ring.
  • Both arenas reconstructed in 2001 using USDF footing specifications 
  • Two 15 acre hay fields with perimeter riding paths.
  • Mowed trails in dense woods.
  • Separate storage area for feed and machinery
  • 3 tack rooms for boarders use.
  • Concrete wash rack.
  • Large turn-out pasture with good sod and grass.
  • Fully monitored electronic fire and theft security system.
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The  main building is a large metal barn with stalls, an indoor arena and storage area..  There is also an outdoor arena, two 15 acre hay fields with perimeter riding paths, large pasture and more than a mile of mowed trails in dense woods.

The main barn contains 36 stalls and a regulation large dressage arena.  There are three tack rooms for boarders use.  Feed, bedding and machinery are kept in a separate enclosed area. 

The barn aisles are asphalt providing a clean non slip surface.  Horses can be groomed in front of their stall as there are cross ties along the aisles.  An open front stall is available with high intensity lighting for use by  the Vet and Farrier.  It can also be used by boarders when a high light level is needed for grooming, trimming, etc.  A concrete wash rack is located outdoors.

The indoor riding arena is in the center of the building and has full width mirrors on one end.  It has a state-of-the-art rubber/sand mix surface that provides dust free resilient footing year around.  Lighting is HID metal halide bright enough to allow action photography without flash.  

The outdoor ring is sand surface over a limestone base.  Both rings were reconstructed in 2001 using the USDF guide for base and footing.

We raise our own hay and maintain tight quality control.  The hay is grass with a bit of alfalfa.  Using this mix allows us to feed good quantities so the horse is able to have hay almost always in  front of him.

Grain is a custom mix of cracked oats and corn with mineral and a supplement added.  Corn oil is used for dust control in place of molasses. There are no cheap fillers used as in most commercial feed.  Special feeds can be used if provided by the boarder for their horse.

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